Choice is your-rebonding, smoothening or keratin

There is nothing good or bad . what you need is good and others are options.

Every type of hairstyle having its own benefits. Its depend upon you which is suitable and good for you. Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment!Haircut and hair style

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The hairstyle has its own importance as it also reflects the person’s character. It is basically an indication of the person’s look.

Rebonding, smoothening and keratin having its own benefits.

Here, a question most confusing question arises which one should you choose between this three?

So, let see features of Rebonding, smoothening and keratin.

1. Rebonding

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Rebonding of hair means straightens your hair permanently. It is a process of straightening your hair permanently with the help of heat and chemicals. This process takes 4-8 hours, depending on your hair length. By doing rebonding your hair will be straight forever.

  • Ingredients /tools required in hair rebonding?

1. A mild shampoo

Mild shampoo means shampoo that contains fewer detergents as compared to others. Ex- Himalaya herbal protein shampoo

2. A blow dryer

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3. A flat iron

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4 .Steaming

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5. Relaxant

This is used for coating every section of your hair.

6. Neutralizer

It is applied to every section of hair to stabilize newly structured bonds.

Procedure of hair bonding-

Step. 1

 Your stylist will Clean your hair and scalp with mild shampoo.

Step. 2

Left your hair to dry naturally or you may use dryer

Step. 3

Your hair will be separated into a number of section

Step. 4

By plastic boards, every section of hair will be coated with a relaxant, while making your straight.

Step .5

Then the cream will be left for 30 minutes in your hairs.

Step. 6

Then your stylist will steam it for 1 hour

Step. 7

Then your stylist will blow dryer on your hair and rinse it.

Step. 8

A keratin lotion will be applied

Step. 9

A neutralizer will now apply to stabilize every bond

Step. 10

A serum will be applied and your hair will be straightened using a flat iron.

Benefits of rebonding of hair

1. It is inexpensive as compared to Keratin and needs lessertouch-ups

2. Your hair will be crimped-free and look appealing and well managed.

3. Make your hair look smoother and sleeker

2. Smoothing

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Hair smoothing means making your hair smooth and sleek appearance. Hair smoothing is a less damaging process when we compared to hair straighteninging. It is not permanently, smoothing can be last for 5 months or more. It takes 4 hours to do smoothing on an average and moreover its depends upon the length of your hair.

  • Ingredients /tools required in hair smoothing

1. Flat iron

To smooth your hair

2. Hairdryer

For keratin treatment

3. A straightener

For dry and damaged hair

4. Neutralizer

The procedure of hair smoothing

 Step. 1

Hair washed


Blow dryer by applying cream on hair

Step. 3

Left the cream on hair for 30 minutes

Step. 4

A neutralizer cream is applied and then washed off after 15 minutes

Step. 5

Apply flat iron smoothly

Benefits of smoothing of hair

1.  Hair looks natural and soft

2. This requires less care 

3. Remove frizziness from your hair 

4.  Your hair looks shiny

3. Keratin treatment

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Keratin treatment is a method of converting your frizzy hairs into smooth and shiny with the help of using chemicals.

It focuses on protein building. This treatment is most popular in hair treatment department. Chemical naturally exists in your hair.

  • Ingredients /tools required in keratin treatment

1. Ammonium thioglycolate

2. Sodium hydroxide

3. Water for mixing both

4. A straightener

5. Flat iron

The procedure of keratin treatment

Step. 1

Hair washed with shampoo

Step. 2

Rough dry

Step. 3

Apply treatment slowly let it take time

Step. 4

Blow-dryer into hair


Flat iron in tiny sections

Step. 6

 Rinse hair for 10 minutes

Benefits of keratin treatment

1.  Makes your hair easier to style and manage.

2.  Restores natural protein in your hair

3. Makes hair shiny and gives it a natural looking

4. Your hair shines like sun and look so attractive.

So, girls! Its your time choose the best hair treatment you want.

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