How to improve communication skills

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Communication! Communication! Communication!

Many people in this world face this problem. They know everything but don’t have the courage to explain. This is a very common problem, in every 3 people 1 individual is facing this problem. But you don’t need to worry about this. Today I will tell you some tricks by which you can improve your communication skills.

So, before starting my main topic I let you know what is communication skills and why it is important?

What is communication skill?

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It is nothing more than sharing and understanding of information from one people to another. Communication, at its easiest, is the act of transmitting information from one place to another. It may be written (using printed or social media such as books, newspapers, websites or emails),  vocally (using voice), visually (using compositions, diagrams, or graphs) or non-verbally (using body terminology, movements and the rhythm and pitch of voice). In practice, it is frequently a hybrid of several of these.

Being able to convey effectively is probably the most significant of all life aptitudes. It is what encourages us to pass information to other people and to understand what is said to us.

Importance of communication skills

In today’s active world, we are receiving and sending a large number of information everyday.

By expanding communication skills, we can enhance employee engagement,  decision-making,teamwork and interdepartmental transmission in the department. Good spoken and written communication skills are crucial in order to transmit and understand information rapidly and accurately. Being able to convey effectively is a vital life skill and should not be dominated.

In unlikeness, poor communication skills can have an unfavorable impact – a inadequately delivered message may result in misconception, frustration and in some cases disaster.

One of the most important of communication skills is if you are pertaining to jobs or looking for a promotion with your recent employer, you will almost certainly need to clarify good communication skills.

So without extra bustle, let get turned on –

So, you don’t need to worry about here are some tricks and methods to improve your communication skills.

1. Speak up -have the courage to say

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Communication begins with you. This means that whatever in your mind is getting on speak up without hazing. No matter how much you know, how much you study about good communication skills else you speak up. It means you have a gun but don’t know how to fire than its useless. So make sure whatever in your mind in going on speak up. If you are in the classroom or in meeting and if any query arrieses in your mind then ask it. Take obligation and start communication, do not wait and anticipate another person to do so.

Don’t think that what people will say, you just speak up.

2. Listen carefully and be prepared what you are going to say

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The best communicators are virtually always the best listeners. To communicate effectively, first listen to what others want to explain. Then you can provide a helpful answer that shows you have taken those ideas into account. Think before you speak.

Before speaking anything you should listen first, what reply should be given and when should be given you should know this well for that you should listen first.

3. Listen with closeness

 Try to see stuff from others’ point of view by acknowledging what you hear instead of trying to „fix aspects and solve the problem“.

Empathy is the skill to understand the thoughts, feelings and notions of another person. Literally, this is the reason why institutions have started expanding empathy in the department.

Emotional explanation, closely related to empathy, means that, after empathizing and appreciating how other person feels, we can accept the reasons why somebody feels or thinks the way they do, anyway of whether we agree with it or not.

4. Practice

If you want to communicate with the real world than before that you have to do virtual practice which means that try to communicate with yourself. This will increase your confidence and you will able to know how to speak.

Steps to do so

1. The monologue

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This practice can be done when you are going to sleep. In this, you have to assume that there is a guy to who is communicating with you and start communicating with that person, ask questions and answer that question by yourself only. Many people in this world do this activity by which they learn how to listen and how to speak.

2. Record and listen

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In this technique, you firstly on your phone recorder and start speaking whatever you wish and then listen that recordings by which you will know how much you are hazing and that things you need to enhance.

5. Retain eye contact

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If there is one easy thing you can do to strengthen your impact as a presenter and convince others to see your point of view, it’s strengthened, meaningful eye contact with your audience.

Positive eye contact assists you build a connection with your audience and keeps them immersed with your presentation. It also gives them a significance of involvement and communicates your message on a personal level.

When you keep eye contact with the person you are discussing to it indicates that you are concentrated and paying awareness. It means that you are honestly listening to what the person has to announce.

If you don’t emphasis on different audience members or are looking at the floor, the audience is less likely to engage with the exhibition and start thinking about something entirely different – you’ll have effectively forfeited that participant as they are no longer hearing to what you are saying.

6. Recognize your audience

Good communication occurs when you know your audience. Every audience is unique and they all have their own point of view.

Here is a good manner to think about it –

Imagine the way you communicate or use the word or body language with your girlfriend and in the same manner, you interact with your boss. That puts things in a graphic light.

So, before communicating you should know your audience.

7. Body language

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Last but not least method to improve your communications skills is body language.

This is something most of us have listened to but, an overview is perhaps a good idea .

Body vocabulary is a type of nonverbal communication in which biological behaviour, are used to transmit the information.

Some tips for good body language

* your standing position: stand with your head straightforward when you walk

*your sitting position: sit straight and your legs should not be twisted.

* keep smiling to share positive vibes

*eye contact: its shows your confidence.


To communicate effectively you should listen first. While communicating use both verbal and non-verbal signals.