How to select best Makeup Salon for your Bridal day

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As you all know that marriage day is the most important day of everyone life. Bridal makeup is one of the most important decision brides must make before her big dsy. Planning an entire wedding is a real feat. When you’re the bride, even more so. 

You understand how important beauty and makeup is on your wedding day If you want to be confident and fabulous so you need to find a high-quality makeup artist.

Choosing the best bridal salon might be a challenging responsibility if you don’t work this with the right beautician with the right talent.

For many of you, it will be the first time booking a makeup artist. If you are feeling stressed by the procedure let me tell you it’s normal.

If you want to look gorgeous and frightened in choosing the right makeup artist, so don’t worry here are a few things to keep in mind while picking a makeup artist for your wedding day.

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1. Priority-   Before choosing any bridal makeup salon you should ask yourself what you want? how do you want to look? Peek through bridal magazines, internet and make a scrapbook of ideas, tear or print out images. However, it is important to have at least a rough idea before you choose a makeup artist.

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2. Don’t depend on Instagram information only –

Much like other things in life, when it comes to makeup and fashion, we visit Instagram for details. There is no doubt that Instagram can be a great place to get aware of new fashion. On Instagram, they post pictures after editing and airbrushing. So, try to find a real picture and ask around and get direct feedback.

3. Talk to your neighbours and friends –

If you want to find the best salon for wedding apparel, talk to your neighbours. Pursue advice of your friends. They will suggest you the best bridal salon.

Ask your friends. Which salon did they yearn? Is there a talented beautician? This will give you enough information about which salon you should visit.

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4. Go through the surveys/ reviews

Whenever you decided upon selecting the right bridal salon, go through the online or offline review about them. If you are searching online then read the customer reviews about the boutique and their services. By reading the reviews you will get enough information about that boutique. And you will be assured.  It is the best way to assess the boutique because visitors would have shared their experience with the salon.

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5. Don’t skip the trial –

By going for the trail might save some money, and by taking trail you will be fully satisfied with your choice. Choosing the best makeup artist should be done sharply. By doing trial you will know your makeup artist and their way of working before you choose them for your wedding day.

And after getting full satisfaction then choose your makeup artist.

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6. Infrastructure information

Before you personally visit the salon, you should call them first to know the timing and the kind of services they provide. Probably, those few minutes call will disclose a lot about the salon and its members. It will tell you whether the staff is ready to work. Ask them more about their salon to understand satisfactory.

There are some salons that prohibit a huge number of people from the same family due to limited space, so ask them clearly about this.

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7.  Keep a budget in your mind

One of the factor you should assume in mind throughout the budget. Never visit a boutique to get uncomfortable because of your budget. Always visit that salon which is pocket-free and suitable according to your budget. While reviewing the parlour, check the price range of specific salon. This will help is choosing the best salon for you.

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8. Product used by the salon-

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You should have all the information of that salon you are planning to visit . Which brand product they use? Is that product is not toxic for your skin? How they apply that makeup to your face? Is that salon is hygiene? And soo on. Products like




Mac cosmetic

Make Up studio

Bobby Brown

Huda Beauty


Make up Forever




9.  Terms and Conditions –

 Before visiting any salon you should ask their terms and conditions, ask them in advance of their policies. There are some salon that will not allow you to take pictures of the wedding dress. Always remember your wedding look will always stay in your wedding photographs. Whichever getup you try, take a picture instead of glancing into the shop mirror. The main reason why salon don’t agree with your idea of taking pictures in not to disclose the artist name.

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