It’s all about Facial and Upper lips.

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If you are here it means you are serious for your skins care and you love and care for yourself. Today, I will tell you everything regarding Facial and upper lips.

Before that I would like to tell you

Why skincare is important?

1. It keeps your skin glowing and in good condition.

2. Make you look younger

3. Your level of confidence will bust-up

4. Attractive look

Let’s begin –


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A facial is a type of skin therapy that cleans pores, flake off dead skin cells and make your face glowing. It takes 1 hour to be done.

  • Benefit of facial

1. Reduce stress

I am not asserting this. According to a survey, it found that facial reduces your stress. There are some pressure point on your face that are connected with your nervous system.

2. Relieve psychological discomfort

It makes you relaxed and tension free. A good facial not just to make your skin glow but it also makes you psychologically stronger.

3. Clean your skin

Many people say that you should not waste your money in the salon for facial but let me tell you an excellent cleanse can be done by a specialist beautician only. Beautician know your skin type and know what needs to be done to make it in good shape.

4. Prevent ageing

In today’s day to day activity we didt get time to take care of yourself and our face faces that anxiety and we look ageing, so you need to take care of your face on regular basis. Regular facial boost cell and givee you younger skin.

5. Treat Acne

A facial is the only solution for acne marks.

When you get a pimple you look unattractive and the only solution for acne/ pimple is good facial by best facialist.

6. Detoxify the skin

Apart from cleaning and washing your face everyday, your face needs facial to detoxify the waste. For that, you need to meet with a good facialist. If you have oily skin then you need facial treatment every week.

Procedure of Facial


Cleanse well

The first and foremost important step of facial is clean your face first. By cleaning it will open your face pores. Use warm water to clean your face.



After cleaning beautician will apply exfoliation cream depending upon the salon you visit. It opens pores of your face with steaming.



It increases blood and oxygen flow in our skin. It creates a brighter skin tone. It also increases collagen production, which prevents wrinkles

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Mask and more

The face mask helps you to hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help to improve the face pores.

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Steam  and moisturize

The last step is to steam your face after applying the mask and then wash your face with clean water and moisturize it.

How much a facial cost?

 The price of facial varies from salon to salon. For more information regarding price. Visit our website


Upper lips

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Upper lips are the part of your face between your mouth and your nose.

The place where moustache begins is known as upper lips. And for removal of hair from upper lips is known as upper lips treatment.

How did upper lips hair grow?

It occurs due to a medical condition called hormones. This is mainly caused due to hormonal and genetic effect. It is natural to have some upper lips hair.

How to remove upper lips hair?

1. Hair Removal Cream

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It depends upon which salon you visit and which cream that beautician use. There are many creams in the market which cleanup the upper lips hair. That cream breaks down the protein bonds in the hair, causing it to dissolve. And simple step, apply the cream and rub for a minute and wipe the hair away.

2. Hot wax


People can apply a hot waxing strip to their upper lips to remove hair.

It can be painful to wax hair because of sensitive skin . Hot wax uproots the hair.

3. Tweezing


People can use a tweezer to remove upper lips hair.  This process removes one hair by pulling it up from the root.

4. Threading

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Threading is another procedure for hair removal. It’s like tweezing, it removes hair from the root .

During this method, beautician spirals a length of thread around the hairs and pull them up.

How much upper lips treatment cost?

Price of upper lips treatment depends upon the salon you choose. But it’s my personal advice for this treatment you should select the best beautician because this treatment is soo sensitive.

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