Bridal & Pre-Bridal sessions are all about body cleaning, getting extra hair waxed, exfoliating skin, and even making sure your nails are glossed to perfection, body polishing, multiple sitting of facial & treatments. A bride-to-be should start these sessions at least 2 months prior to the wedding.


Demure Shagun Pre Bridal Package

 Rs 7999 only

pre bridal package

Dazzling Gold Pre Bridal Package

 Rs 9999 only


Exotic Diamond Bridal Package

 Rs 14999 only

Bridal Packages

custom package 4
custom package 2
custom package 1
custom package 3

We customise bridal & pre-bridal packages, as per client needs and skin type. We also have separate packages as well as combined packages. As it is a memorable day for all brides so we can’t have one size fits all kind of approach. So to know more call our team or help line number or visit our branch. We do a counselling session with you to deliver the best bridal makeup to you by understanding your needs and expectations and bring out the best in you.

We provide high definition and airbrush makeup also which is in high demand. We have a professionally trained team to deliver the same to every bride. An exclusive bridal box package is also provided with a complete range of accessories and other services because we believe that” Every Bride Deserves the Best.

pre bridal package

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pre bridal package

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