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Bridal Makeup in Varanasi: Exploring the Latest Trends

Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, stunning temples, and vibrant colors. It’s no surprise that this city has much to offer when it comes to bridal makeup. Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride or a makeup enthusiast, Varanasi’s bridal makeup trends are something to watch out for.

In this article, we will take you on a journey into the world of bridal makeup in Varanasi. From traditional styles that reflect the city’s essence to contemporary trends that blend tradition with modern techniques, we’ll explore it all. Plus, we’ll introduce you to some of the top-notch professional bridal makeup artists in Varanasi and guide you on how to choose the perfect one for your special day.

Key Takeaways

  • Varanasi is a hub of traditional and modern bridal makeup styles.
  • Brides-to-be can choose from a variety of makeup artists in Varanasi who specialize in bridal makeup.
  • It’s crucial to stay updated with the latest bridal makeup trends in Varanasi to achieve your desired look.
  • When choosing a makeup artist, be sure to communicate your preferences clearly and effectively.
  • Ultimately, the goal of bridal makeup in Varanasi is to enhance natural beauty and boost confidence on the big day.

Traditional Bridal Makeup Styles in Varanasi

Varanasi, known for its rich cultural heritage, offers a plethora of traditional bridal makeup styles that reflect the essence of the city. These styles feature intricate designs, bold colors, and classic techniques that have been passed down for generations. Here, we explore some of the most popular traditional bridal makeup styles in Varanasi:

Navwari or Banarasi Style

The Navwari or Banarasi style is a classic bridal makeup style in Varanasi. It features bold eye makeup with black kohl liner, winged eyeliner, and a dark eyeshadow. The lips are kept simple with a light pink or nude shade, and the cheeks are given a subtle blush. To complete the look, the bride’s hair is traditionally adorned with flowers and gold accessories.

Maharashtrian Style

The Maharashtrian style is a minimalistic yet elegant bridal makeup style popular in Varanasi. It features a simple yet bold eye makeup look with a black kohl liner and a deep maroon eyeshadow. The lips are kept simple with a light pink or nude shade, and the cheeks are given a subtle blush. The bride’s hair is tied in a bun and adorned with jasmine or marigold flowers.

Bengali Bridal Makeup

The Bengali bridal makeup style is a vibrant and colorful makeup look that is becoming increasingly popular in Varanasi. It features bold eye makeup with black kohl liner, a bright red or maroon eyeshadow, and gold accents. The lips are painted in a bold red shade, and the cheeks are given a rosy blush. This style is often accompanied by thick and intricate traditional Bengali jewellery.

These traditional bridal makeup styles in Varanasi showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage and offer brides-to-be a range of options to choose from. Whether you opt for a bold and colorful look or a minimalist yet elegant style, the skilled makeup artists in Varanasi can help bring your vision to life.

Contemporary Latest Bridal Makeup Trends in Varanasi

When it comes to bridal makeup, contemporary styles that combine traditional elements with modern techniques are becoming increasingly popular in Varanasi. Here are some of the Latest Bridal Makeup Trends in Varanasi :

Natural MakeupMinimalist makeup with a focus on enhancing natural features and achieving a glowing complexion.
Glittery EyesAdding a touch of glitter or shimmer to the eyelids for a glamorous, modern look.
Bold LipsPairing a classic red or deep berry lipstick with understated eye makeup.
Dewy SkinUsing hydrating products to create a dewy, fresh-faced look.
Colored EyelinerExperimenting with bright hues of eyeliner for a fun, playful twist.

Contemporary bridal makeup artists in Varanasi are also using techniques like airbrushing and mixing different shades of foundation to create a flawless finish that lasts all day. They are open to experimenting with bold colors and styles that reflect the bride’s personality and individuality.

Expert Tip: When opting for a contemporary bridal makeup look, make sure to choose a style that complements your outfit and doesn’t clash with its color scheme.

Remember, the latest trends aren’t always the best fit for everyone. It’s essential to choose a makeup style that makes you feel confident and comfortable on your special day. Consult with a professional bridal makeup artist in Varanasi to determine what style works for you.

Professional Bridal Makeup Artists in Varanasi

Choosing the right makeup artist is essential for achieving your desired bridal look. Varanasi has an abundance of talented makeup artists who specialize in bridal makeup. Here are some of the best professional bridal makeup artists in Varanasi:

Makeup ArtistExpertiseContact Details
She n Me SalonExpert in traditional and contemporary makeupPhone: +91-8429040001
Email: isnm.hohead@gmail.com
R Three
Specializes in bridal makeup and hairstylingPhone: +91-93729 82121
Email: salonrthree@gmail.com
Expert in traditional and modern makeupPhone: 095280 25189

When selecting a makeup artist, it’s important to do your research and find someone whose style aligns with your vision. Take a look at their portfolio and read reviews from past clients to ensure they can deliver the look you want. Don’t be afraid to communicate your preferences clearly and ask for a trial before finalizing your booking.

Professional bridal makeup artists in Varanasi are in high demand, so it’s recommended to book as early as possible to secure your date. By choosing the right makeup artist, you can feel confident and beautiful on your special day.


Choosing the perfect bridal makeup style can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance and professional support, it can also be an exciting and enjoyable experience. As we explored in our article, Varanasi offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary bridal makeup styles that cater to every bride’s preferences and tastes.

Stay Up-to-Date

It’s crucial to stay updated with the latest bridal makeup trends, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement on your special day. Follow makeup artists and beauty influencers on social media, attend makeup workshops, and seek inspiration from online bridal forums and magazines.

Consult with Professionals

The best way to ensure you achieve your desired look is to consult with professional bridal makeup artists. They can help you select a style that complements your natural beauty, enhances your features, and fits your personality. Be sure to communicate your preferences, expectations, and any skin sensitivities or allergies to ensure you have a positive and stress-free experience.

Choose a Style that Enhances Your Confidence

At the end of the day, your bridal makeup style is all about enhancing your confidence, radiance, and beauty. Choose a style that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and reflects your personality and preferences. Remember, the goal is to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel like the best version of yourself on your special day.

With the right approach, guidance, and professional support, you can achieve the bridal makeup look of your dreams. Enjoy the process and don’t forget to have fun!


What is bridal makeup?

Bridal makeup refers to the specific application of makeup on a bride’s face on her wedding day. It is designed to enhance the bride’s natural beauty and create a flawless look that photographs well.

What are the latest trends in bridal makeup in Varanasi?

Some of the Latest Bridal Makeup Trends in Varanasi  in bridal makeup in Varanasi include dewy skin, soft and natural-looking brows, bold and defined eyes, and a variety of lip colors ranging from nude to bold hues.

What are traditional bridal makeup styles in Varanasi?

Traditional bridal makeup styles in Varanasi often include heavy eye makeup with bold eyeliner and kohl, as well as intricate designs on the forehead and cheeks known as bindis and tikkas. The use of traditional red and gold hues is also common.

What are the contemporary bridal makeup trends in Varanasi?

Contemporary bridal makeup trends in Varanasi involve a mix of traditional and modern elements. Brides are opting for softer eye makeup looks, experimenting with different color palettes, and incorporating techniques like contouring and highlighting for a more sculpted face.

How do I find a professional bridal makeup artist in Varanasi?

To find a professional bridal makeup artist in Varanasi, you can start by asking for recommendations from friends, family, or wedding planners. Research online portfolios, read reviews, and schedule consultations with potential makeup artists to discuss your preferences and ensure they align with your vision.

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